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Festival Ticket
Festival Ticket
Download Tickets at official website
  • Visit us or look over the daily schedule Go to the Ticket Download select a date Enter your personal information put in your Info to apply for a ticket
Application opens :
  1. 1st 23 June 19:00~
  2. 2nd 30 June 19:00~
Duplicate application not allowed.
Application windows open only within the periods above.
Ticket Downloads are subject to close earlier when reaching full capacity.
Following a successful downloading, screenshots or printouts only possible.
Re-issuance, re-printout or re-download not allowed.
At the entrance, you need to present a printout ticket or its screenshot on mobile along with your ID card.
Exchange with your ticket to the Mega Sales Event
  • Visit Expo (12 July) enjoy the Mega Sales Event collect 10 stamps on the leaflet you exchange the 10-stamped leaflet with the ticket
You should collect stamps on the back of the leaflet to assure you join the Mega Sales Event.
Every purchase of HK$50 equaling One stamp
10 stamps = 1 entry ticket of the day
Distribution Plan: 280 tickets (Day 1) will be handed out after the Opening Ceremony on first come, first serve basis
The leaflet to be retrieved after 1 entry ticket giveaway
Join us in our Facebook page Event
  • Visit our Facebook page enter events and check your name on the winners' list When a photocopy of your ID is sent and confirmed then your ticket is secured. Y collect your ticket on-site.
Tickets handovers are on the real-name basis, so you need to display your ID card.
Ticket Pick-up Desk opens 2 hours before the show.
Before collecting your ticket, you need to verify yourself with your ID card and Facebook page.