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Ticket Download
Ticket Download
Day 2
Entry Tickets to Jung Yong Hwa’s
Fan Signing Event
Jung Yong Hwa’s Fan Signing Event 16:00 – 17:00
You need to check beforehand the date, program and ticket type you’d apply.
Considering the real-name basis entry, you need to provide real personal info.
Duplicate application not allowed; only 1 ticket for 1 person for the stated period
You may sign up for other events during the 2nd Application Period.
Ticket Downloads are subject to earlier closure when reaching full capacity.
When you complete Download, you'll receive an e-ticket-containing email.
You need to display the e-ticket printout with your ID at the entrance and access the hall.
  • Zone H : 30 June of Applicants Tickets on website (No. 1-300)
  • Zone S (Standing Zone) : 30 June of Signature Tickets on website (No. 1-60) & Participants of Sales Event.